About the Institute

The Revs Institute is the premier destination for automotive research and historical study.

The Revs Institute in Naples, Florida is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Revs presents the Miles Collier Collections of over one hundred significant automobiles built between 1896 and 1995. The automobiles on display at Revs are some of the rarest and most important cars ever built at anytime, anywhere. They are the ones that variously blazed technical pathways, redefined aesthetic standards, made history, and changed the world.

“The American automobile has changed the habits of every member of modern society.” Raymond Loewy

Attended to by a staff of full time restoration technicians, these meticulously selected rare vestiges of automotive history remain operational and continue to demonstrate their engineering prowess on race tracks and roadways the world over. The Institute primarily serves as a haven for scholars, preservationists and passionate connoisseurs of automotive history. In keeping with Mr. Collier’s vision to embolden the legacy of the transformative impact the automobile had on 20th century society, the Revs Institute is also one of the leading repositories of historical automotive documents, photographs and ephemera.

Our Mission

The Revs Institute is dedicated to deepening our understanding and appreciation of automotive history. To fulfill this mission we are guided by the following principles:

  • We will acquire and preserve materials of rich content in multiple formats that bring automotive history to the scholar;
  • We will nurture an environment of inquiry and access to nourish research and teaching;
  • We will uphold high standards of professionalism and conform to progressive library and archival practices;
  • We will embrace technological advancements to deliver history in exciting and compelling ways that resonate with the public.