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By: Paul Ingrassia

Commemorating Automotive “Emancipation” on the 122nd Anniversary of the First Veteran Car Run

By Paul Ingrassia LONDON — A chilly predawn darkness enveloped Hyde Park Corner. The silence on the morning of last November 4 was pierced by… Read more »

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Deck the Rod…When Christmas carols become CARols

By Paul Ingrassia (This story, first published in 2016, is an annual Christmas feature at the Revs Institute.) NAPLES, Fla. — Now is the time… Read more »

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America’s Automotive Tribes: Their Rites, Revelries, Rituals and Rivalries

By Paul Ingrassia MONTEREY, Calif. — The Costanoan and Esselen Native American tribes from the 18th Century have long since departed this peninsula. More recently,… Read more »

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The Concours d’Elegance of America Featured Muscle, Nostalgia and a Lamborghini You Won’t Believe

By Paul Ingrassia PLYMOUTH, Mich. — The Concours d’Elegance of America falls between — in both time and place — the April Concours at Amelia… Read more »

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Sergio Marchionne: a (Mostly) Benevolent Dictator Who Rescued and Revived Car Companies, His Way

By Paul Ingrassia On May, 21 2014 I had the pleasure of conducting an on-stage interview with Sergio Marchionne at the Brookings Institute in Washington…. Read more »

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