Books & Publications

As an automotive history book collection, the Revs Institute's holdings are comprehensive with over 24,000 books and 200,000 magazines and journals.

The library of books and magazines is one of the most all-inclusive such specialized collections in the world. Nearly every book of importance covering the various automotive fields is on hand. New titles are continually added and there is an ongoing effort to add to the already significant body of older and rare items. The book section of the library is particularly strong in individual marque histories, biographies, and motorsport.

The periodicals section is equally comprehensive. There are complete runs of nearly every enthusiast publication, most technical and trade journals, and a large variety of both professional and hobbyist newsletters. Publications in all the major automotive industry languages are retained, including German, French, Italian, and Japanese. The collection has particular strengths in long-run and short-run early 20th century automotive publications.

Revs also maintains many complete runs of automotive periodicals dating back to the late 1800s. These include some particularly fine early 20th century European publications such as Italy’s Rapiditas, France’s Omni and Germany’s Motor. Finally, the Library collects ephemeral publications such as sales literature, racing programs, track diagrams and media guides. The collection is accessible through REVSCAT, our Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).

Key Themes and Genres

Additionally, key themes and genres are pronounced throughout the library holdings:

  • Every significant book published on a particular marque—a collection international in scope
  • Every significant biography on noted personalities in automotive history—from pioneers and inventors to contemporary industry executives
  • Histories of the automotive industry, specific corporations, transportation, automotive architecture, social aspects, use by women, automotive fashion, juvenilia and military vehicles
  • Rare early treatises on precursors to the automobile and the cradle of the automotive industry—including early electric and steam vehicles and 19th-century gasoline engine experimentation
  • Motor racing history—with particular strengths in road racing in both the United States and Europe
  • Biographies of motor racing drivers, sportsmen and sportswomen
  • Race event programs and posters
  • Automotive ephemera—more than 300,000 sales brochures, advertisements, specification documents, booklets and auction catalogs
  • Automotive trade and enthusiast journals and historical industry data

Access the Catalog

Access our holdings through REVSCAT, our electronic library catalog.