Cars Not On Display

The automobiles in the Miles Collier Collections at the Revs Institute are working vehicles. At any given time, some are loaned to other museums for exhibition, undergoing maintenance or preservation work, or receiving a major restoration. The parts are rare and the repairs can sometimes take a long time, even years in some cases. This page lists every vehicle currently not available in the galleries and expected to be gone for at least a week. Return dates are always approximates, as unexpected issues can delay the process.

Week of June 17, 2019



Return Date

1914 Simplex in Revs workshop June 2019
1919 Ballot at Goodwood July 2019
1927 Vauxhall Velox at event September 2019
1964 Alfa Romeo TZ1 in Revs workshop June 2019
1966 Ford GT-40 in Revs workshop June 2019
1966 Porsche 906 Carerra 6 undergoing full restoration at Kevin Ryan Restorations May 2020
1969 Porsche 917 P/A at Goodwood July 2019