The Collier Collection is an archive of original papers, registers and corporate records that not only provide the raw data necessary for historical research but also dovetail with the museum's important automobiles.

These letters, diaries, scrapbooks, photo albums, engineering drawings and corporate documents are primary resources from individuals and organizations that have left their track marks in automotive history and the pageant of motorsport:

  • The Collier Family Collection—provided by Collier brothers C. Miles, Sam and Barron along with their friend Briggs Swift Cunningham, who are recognized for their contributions to American road racing. Included are documents and photographs from the 1930s through the 1950s that reveal interesting perspectives about Americans at Le Mans, Grand Prix Racing at Watkins Glen and other courses.
  • The Peter Blair-Richley Collection—a sensational spectrum of documents from this remarkable bibliographer of automotive history will thrill any researcher. The collection includes ephemera, scrapbooks, notebooks, photo albums and rare automobilia.
  • The Briggs Cunningham Collection—documents from the B.S. Cunningham Company, which Mr. Cunningham established for building his race cars. He was a post-war jet-setter, a genteel sophisticate, yet fiercely competitive race car driver and a macho ’50s icon. He captured the imagination of race fans and the hearts of young women with his daring driving and sleek sports cars.
  • Eliska Junkova Collection (Elisabeth Junek) – A collection of personal documents from Madame Junek, the brilliant lady Bugatti race car driver. She is one of the greatest female Grand Prix race drivers and sportswomen of the Twentieth Century.
  • The Reventlow Automobiles, Inc., Collection—documents about the famous Scarab sports racing car. Founded by wealthy playboy Lance Reventlow, the Scarab burst onto the late-’50s racing scene and riveted fans with its blazing track speeds and heart-stopping victories.
  • The Barre Lyndon Collection—includes the motorsports research files and publications by British author Alfred Edgar Frederick Higgs, who wrote under the nom-de-plume Barre, Lyndon. As a journalist, Lyndon wrote about motorsports on the international stage in the 1930s. Mr. Higgs was also a noted screenwriter working in both London and Hollywood.
  • Maurice Philippe Collection—correspondence of noted French automotive editor and journalist, Philippe. The letters contain a trove of information about French automobiles, particularly those of the 1930s.
  • Laurence H. Pomeroy Collection—Pomeroy was a dean of British automotive journalism.
  • Smith Hempstone Oliver Collection—Oliver was the transportation curator at the Smithsonian Institute, an author, and a photographer.

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