Collection Overview

The Miles Collier Collections of automobiles is a purposefully curated assemblage of the most profound and rare automotive innovations of our time. Declared the finest sports car collection in America by The New York Times, The Revs Institute attracts a worldwide audience of automotive enthusiasts, preservationists and industry scholars.

No other venue provides the same level of intimate access to these rarefied masterpieces of mankind’s creativity than the Rev’s Institute. That is because the Miles Collier Collections is presented as a working museum. Nearly every vehicle in the Miles Collier Collections has been masterfully restored according to exacting historical standards and is maintained in peak operational condition.

“The objects here are a testament to all that’s great in the human mind and spirit.”Miles Collier

When these remarkable vestiges of automobile history are not on display for museum guests, they can be seen traversing roadways and competing on racetracks across the United States and Europe exemplifying these machines’ uncommon combination of artistic form and enduring function.

This distinct collection of more than 100 automobiles manufactured between 1896 and 1995 were each thoughtfully curated for their rarity and historical significance. The allure of the 1939 Mercedes W154 Grand Prix (Silver Arrows) continues to attract historians and automotive connoisseurs from around the world to behold the flagship of the Miles Collier Collections.

Visitors are also granted up close and unfettered access to other legendary marvels of automotive history including a Panhard et Lavassor Wagnonette, the collection’s oldest vehicle. There are no barriers or exhibit partitions that prevent visitors from standing toe to tire with the very first Porsche 550-01 or the very first Ferrari race car to be imported to the United States.

Each of the museum’s four exhibit areas are presented in this same unconstrained fashion elevating man and machine to the same stratum.


Experience the automobiles that shaped the 20th century and changed the way we live, travel and work from the Model T to the advent of the first luxury vehicle.


Exit the roadway and enter the raceway. Peer into the evolution of high performance auto racing and witness the rarest and most ground breaking specimens of automotive engineering and design evolution.


Stroll through thirty years of unparalleled innovation produced by one of the most revered automakers of our time.


Uncover the rich narrative that is embedded in every racing car and pay homage to the racing men that shaped the evolution of auto sport as it is known today.