Flagging is a feature that allows Revs Digital Library (RDL), users to contribute new identifying information and correct existing identifying information about images. The information that describes each image is called metadata (on the individual image page, the metadata is located to the right of each image). If you notice a person, car, racing event, date, or other information that is not described in an image’s metadata, we welcome our users to flag an image and contribute that information. Also if you believe there is incorrect information in the metadata, please flag that image and add the correct information. Flagging is intended only for the addition or correction of identifying information, not for discussions about the images. If you would like to discuss the quality of the image, or something of that nature, we invite you to share the image to social media where you can discuss it with others more easily.

By using the RDL flagging system, users agree to abide the Revs Institute Terms and Conditions of Use. Revs does not approve or control the flags posted by others; rather it merely provides a platform and venue for allowing users to access or provide information and other content. Revs is not liable for any content contributed by Users on the Website. Revs assumes no responsibility for monitoring the Website for appropriate content or conduct and has no obligation to screen, edit, or remove any of the content. Revs reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without notice, to monitor, screen, edit, or remove any content at any time and for any reason or for no reason.

The new flagging system has many useful features, such as up-voting and down-voting, facilitating replies, and the ability to sort the flags on each image. In addition, there will be no approval queue for the flags. Each flag will be immediately visible on the site, and the entire content of each flag will be searchable from the RDL universal keyword search box after 1 day. This streamlined workflow is intended to provide greater interactivity and accessibility to the RDL.

In an effort to balance the amount of time spent correcting metadata for uploaded images with the time spent creating metadata for images that are to be uploaded in the future, the decision was made to streamline the flagging process. Flags go live within 24 hours, and the contributed flags are publicly visible below the image and are searchable from the keyword search box. Currently, the contributed flags are not entering the metadata displayed alongside the images, but staff are reviewing ways to efficiently and properly update the metadata displayed alongside the images with these valuable flags.

To contribute flags, you must create an account. This will allow our users to keep track of their flags, as well as protect the RDL from spam and Internet bots. On the individual image page, you can create an account. The easiest method to do so is by creating an account on the Disqus platform. You can also create an account by linking it through your already existing Facebook, Twitter, or Google account. If you already have a Disqus account, simply log in on the RDL’s individual image page.

Once you are logged in, enter the information you would like to contribute in the text box, and hit post. You can also up-vote, or agree with another user’s post, and down-vote, or disagree with another user’s post. Multiple users can comment on a single image, so before adding another flag with similar or identical information, we ask that you check the flagging section on the individual image to see if someone has already flagged what you want to. If they have, please up-vote their flag, showing that you agree with it. This allows RDL users to build a community that can help verify the crowdsourced information. Also, please be cognizant that all information added in the flag will be fully searchable from the RDL universal keyword search box, so we ask that users only contribute identifying information about the images.

Revs sincerely thanks all of the users on the Revs Digital Library for contributing flags, as with your help we are able to enrich and build an even better digital library. Thank you for all you’ve done in making the Revs Digital Library a truly unique resource!