NACO Program

The mission of the Revs Institute is to be the premier destination for automotive research and historical study. To help fulfill that mission, the library is part of the Library of Congress’ Name Authority Cooperative (NACO) program. As a specialized automotive library and archive, Revs often catalogs items not usually held in academic or public libraries. NACO is the gateway for contributing authority names that standardizes the spelling and language for names of events, people, corporate bodies, and conferences. This is important because it is easier for libraries, publishers, and users to quickly find and use a standard nomenclature.

Literally millions of new items are added each year into the catalog shared by libraries and publishers worldwide. Standardizing the names speeds up cataloging and makes it easier for end-users to find items on a similar topic. Any library or publisher creating bibliographic records for new items must first check NACO and use the specific terms for their item. The name authorities Revs is adding will be used multiple times through the years.

Revs is the only automotive library authorized to contribute names to NACO.  The names are created using the most common terms found in the Revs Digital Library as the source for our contributions.

Working within the NACO program helps Revs be the premier destination for automotive research and historical study, and leaves a legacy in both the automotive and library fields that will continue into the future.