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OSCA 1137–The little white giant killer

By John Lamm Not a snowball’s chance in hell. Or so it seemed. Among the 63 sports cars starting Florida’s 1954 12 Hours of Sebring… Read more »

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908 – Porsche’s triple threat

by John Lamm Stroll through the extensive Porsche gallery at The Revs Institute in Naples, Florida, and you’ll find not one but three different Porsche… Read more »

July 27
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Victory Lap: The Cooper T43 and Gurney Eagle Return to the Goodwood Festival of Speed

By Shiva Khanna Yamamoto This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed marked the 25th anniversary of a show which has grown from a small gathering on… Read more »

July 26
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Sergio Marchionne: a (Mostly) Benevolent Dictator Who Rescued and Revived Car Companies, His Way

By Paul Ingrassia On May, 21 2014 I had the pleasure of conducting an on-stage interview with Sergio Marchionne at the Brookings Institute in Washington…. Read more »

July 23
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The Greatest Garden Party on Earth

By Shiva Khanna Yamamoto This year marked the 25th anniversary, or Silver Jubilee, of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the ultimate garden-party celebration of motorsports… Read more »

July 19
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