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100 years of the triple victory in Lyon

April 21, 2014 Events, In the News

The Revs Institute’s 1914 Mercedes 18/100 Grand Prix Car, has left Naples this week to travel abroad for the Mercedes-Benz Classic Insight “100 years of the triple victory in Lyon” event April 27 – 30th, and the “Grand Prix de Lyon 2014 Historical Retrospective” May 1st – 3rd to commemorate the historic Mercedes one-two-three Grand Prix sweep in Lyons, France – which occurred on July 4, 1914, just two weeks before the outbreak of World War I. Dubbed one of the world’s most historic race cars, The Institute’s 1914 Mercedes Grand Prix car will also be featured at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed in the U.K. on June 26-29th.

For an in-depth article on this important auto please see our Revs Review Winter 2013 newsletter  : , and the “Grand Prix de Lyon 2014 Historical Retrospective” May

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