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2017 Symposium

March 24, 2017 In the News, Museum, Reviews, Symposium

The ninth symposium on Connoisseurship and the Collectible Car was recently held at The Revs Institute and we are pleased to announce that the interest in the event and the enthusiasm of those we were honored to host, was higher than ever.

As Miles Collier stressed:  “The automobile is one of the most important objects of modern material culture, and a major, if not defining factor, in the legacy of modernity itself.  Distinct from heritage which references things gone by, legacy is that stuff from the past that comes down to us for our use in the present and for subsequent generations.  Legacy can be both tangible and intangible.  No matter how you look at it, without legacy we are without culture, without norms, without identity, or any sense of history.  We are without civilization.”

With that in mind, we hope you enjoy and reflect upon these images from the just completed symposium which speak to that legacy from an automotive point of view.

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Mark Vargas

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  1. Don Nelson

    I was disappointed not to be picked for the Symposium, as I feel that with my many experiences on 4 wheels, I had something to offer the group.
    I last met Doug Nye many years ago, together with Brian Harvey at Brian’s Grand Prix Models emporium.
    Peter Stevens did the artwork on Richard Lloyd’s VW Golf GTI, that my company prepared for the British Touring Car Championship.
    It was known as the Tricentrol Series at the time, and we won it outright, beating a number of “Works” entries in the process.
    Please bear me in mind for future events.
    Best regards,
    Don Nelson

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