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Revs Institute Adapting to the Virtual World

October 26, 2020 In the News

Revs Institute continues to be temporarily closed but it is anything but idle. Since closing in March due to COVID-19, Revs Institute remains committed to its mission of the research, conservation, and restoration of meaningful automobiles as the most important technological artifact of the 20th century. Now it is embracing that role, in part, through the world of virtual car shows. Entering cars in online concours d’elegance allows Revs Institute to inform and interact with international meaningful-car communities. Revs Institute entries are even winning awards.

We are adapting to the changed world, moving forward, and continuing to bring international recognition to the Revs Institute’s museum and archives. We remain deeply engaged in supporting those interested in the study of automobiles and their influence on society, but now we’re also doing it virtually. We have more plans under way, so stay tuned,” says Scott George, Vice President, Revs Institute.

Links to the virtual concours d’elegance, where automobiles from Revs Institute have won, include Petersen Car Week and Concours Virtual. Follow Revs Institute on Facebook and Instagram for updates on future shows and more.

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