Stanford’s new Revs Digital Library

Stanford’s new Revs Digital Library spotlights the automobile as cultural icon

Stanford’s new Revs Digital Library provides access to hundreds of thousands of images related to the history of auto racing and the cultural significance of the automobile. The website expands research opportunities for scholars and students.

In 2011, Stanford University and Revs Institute for Automotive Research, Inc. established a partnership designed to provide access to the historic collections curated by Revs Institute. As a result of this partnership, we are very excited about the recent launch of the new Revs Digital Library, which contains nearly 200,000 images documenting automotive history.

The Revs Digital Library can be found online at:

The collection at Revs currently includes nearly one million images and is constantly growing. Over the next few years we will continue to add to the digital collection so be sure to visit the site often! Our overarching goal is to provide our researchers worldwide with increased access to this one-of-a-kind omnibus of remarkable material.

In addition to database access, Revs can also provide high quality images for publication or research. For more information, please email:

To learn more about the Revs Digital Library and the partnership with Stanford University Libraries, we are pleased to share this article from the Stanford Report released September 5, 2014. The article also describes the Revs Program at Stanford – a cross disciplinary program fostering connections between automotive history and humanities, the fine arts, social science, design and engineering. To read the article, please click on the link below: