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The Revs Institute will soon open its doors to the public

February 24, 2014 In the News, Museum

“While the Collier Automotive Museum was among the finest automotive museums on American soil and perhaps one of the top 10 such museums in the world, it closed its doors more than 20 years ago, some believed for good. In the years since, however, it has reinvented itself as the automotive research-focused The Revs Institute, and beginning late next month will once again open its doors for general admission.”

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  1. Peter List

    As a long-time sports car lover and owner, I am really pleased to see the Collier collection opened to the public again. I visited the museum some years ago and was very disappointed when it was closed to general admission. It now appears that it will offer visitors a much richer experience, placing its outstanding automobiles in a historical and cultural context that was not as evident in the past.

  2. Nelson Wilson

    Thank You for creating the opportunity to revisit such a magnificent facility, its been a few years of checking and hoping, glad to hear it is happening. I hope to visit before Amelia Island. The quality of the presentation is top notch and glad your sharing such beautiful works of art. NelsonWilson

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