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June 4, 2015 In the News, Research

We call this series “Time Capsule”.

Enjoy a look at then and now.

(Hold down your mouse button and drag left or right over the photos below)

Gigi’ Villoresi testing the works’ prototype Lancia D50 F1 car at the Ospedaletti road circuit near San Remo, Italy. He’s approaching the hairpin along the Strada Statale 1 or Corso Regina Margherita, in October 1954.

A private Lancia test session (imagine one company getting a town police authority to close its public roads for private testing) shows Eugenio Castellotti locking the Lancia D50 hard-left around the hairpin, off the SS1 Corso Regina Margherita onto the Via Camillo Benso Conte de Cavour (yes honestly!).

Rouen-les-Essarts in France, home to the French GP 1957, 1962, 1964 and F2 races in other years – this is Nouveau Monde Hairpin down at the bottom of the swerve out-stretch downhill past the pits…

Naples GP 1950

Naples GP 1950

Moss’s HWM accident scene – he lost his front teeth when he hit the tree…

Note penthouse reference in distance. And that stunted tree with three branches topping the main trunk is still stunted, with three…etc.  Only 64 years passed between these two photos being taken.

Amazing that, as late as 1962, they were racing ‘Sharknose’ Ferrari F1 cars round here

Pau GP Formula Junior race in 1959

Pau GP Formula Junior race in 1959

Targa Florio

Targa Florio

Targa Florio

Targa Florio – Waiting pre-start in the roadway leading up to the Floriopoli startling/pits area below the town of Cerda

Targa Florio – The GT40 roadster in 1965 was parked just against the little left-side pull-off track in the Street View shot.

1953 Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti (The Dolomites Gold Cup road race). Outside the Hotel Venezia on the entry to Cortina d’Ampezzo from the north

1950 Lago di Garda Formula 2 road race, using the Salo mixed-street and rural road circuit, which like the Coppa d’Oro course lay in northern Italy.

1951 Genoa GP on the Superba circuit

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  1. Andy

    Wonderful ! I found this site looking for anything on the Circuit of Garda at Salo Italy.
    I vacation in that area often usually in May to see the Mille Miglia commemeration historic rally but was totally unaware of the Salo circuit until I came across some articles in the archives of Motor Sport Magazine.

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