Access Requirements

Scholarly access to The Revs Institute library is granted to researchers with an interest supported by the collection. Access is by application and appointment only. Upon arrival at the appointed time, the researcher should sign in at the receptionist’s desk. Library staff will escort him or her to the reading room.


A researcher must present a valid photo identification and proof of current residence to library staff. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver’s license or state identification, a passport or a faculty or student identification card.

The Revs Institute is an educational organization that promotes the study of automotive history through access to an extensive and expanding library of books, serials, photographs and documents amassed by Mr. Miles C. Collier. The focus of his library collecting is, broadly, the history of the automobile and its salient interrelationships. Particular strengths in the holdings are materials documenting the specific marques and motor racing. If you are uncertain whether the library supports your research needs, please contact Revs directly.

To apply for access, complete the Library Researcher Application.

Reading Room Practices

Please follow these procedures upon arrival at the Revs Institute at your appointed time:

  • Sign the daily registration log and present identification.
  • Store your personal belongings in the designated area.
  • While researching, you may use pencils, notepaper, laptops.
  • While researching, you may NOT use pens, markers, highlighters, scissors, Post-it® Notes or flags, digital cameras or photography of any sort, or partake in food, drinks or tobacco.
  • Cell phones must be set to silent; no cell-phone conversations.
  • A researcher is restricted to the reading-room area; no browsing is allowed in the library stacks.
  • Notify library staff when you complete your research and end your visit.
  • Violations of The Revs Institute practices and guidelines or other inappropriate use will result in the loss of library privileges.

Guidelines for Handling Rare and Fragile Library Material

Please follow these guidelines while handling rare and fragile material at the Revs Institute library:

  • Handle all library materials with gentleness and care, and promptly report accidents or damage to documents.
  • All library materials must be read in the library reading-room area and remain visible to the library staff at all times.
  • Handle all library materials with clean, dry hands. Wash hands periodically as needed throughout your research visit. Library staff will provide white cotton gloves when appropriate.
  • A book must be supported evenly or lie flat on the table to avoid straining its binding.
  • Exert no pressure on  a book; library staff will provide book cradles or stands and appropriate book weights.
  • Do not remove a photograph from its protective sleeve.
  • Do not fold, write or make a mark on any library materials.
  • Keep material in the order in which you received it.

For information about photographic and other images in publications, please refer to the Permission to Use.