Permission to Use

To fulfill our mission to promote a greater understanding of automotive history by encouraging and facilitating scholarly research, The Revs Institute for Automotive Research, Inc., (The Revs Institute) may selectively reproduce documents and images upon request. Use requests are accommodated within the scope of these conditions and are granted solely at the discretion of The Revs Institute:

  • The image or document is reproduced for scholarly, educational, restoration, preservation or scientific purposes.
  • The interpretation or use of the image or document meets a scholarly standard or is appropriate for a stated project.
  • The image or document intended for publication complies with copyright and trademark restrictions.
  • The image will be licensed for a one-time use only and is not to be copied (does not include any right to publish for commercial purposes).
  • Attribution is given to The Revs Institute for Automotive Research, Inc.

Denying Requests

Some requests may be denied due to the following conditions:

  • Fragile or “at risk” material cannot be photocopied or scanned without damage.
  • The use request is excessive and cannot be fulfilled.
  • For any reason at the sole discretion of The Revs Institute.
  • Commercial use. (See Commercial Use below)

Upon fulfillment of a use request, The Revs Institute does not convey or transfer copyright ownership to the user.


Digital images are provided “as is” and without any warranties. The Revs Institute does not offer an indemnity to those who use or publish our images. The user assumes all responsibility for any actions that might arise from the use of an image obtained from The Revs Institute including all copyright or other intellectual property infringement. The Revs Institute makes no representation regarding copyright ownership and the user takes all responsibility for its use of an image. The user agrees to arbitrate any disputes with The Revs Institute or The Collier Collection through the American Arbitration Association. See the Terms and Conditions of Use for further information. By using the website of The Revs Institute you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Use.

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