The Tappet Clatter is the official newsletter of Revs Institute volunteers. Each issue features volunteer activities and training, Tappet Trivia, Video Treats, and Tappet Tech. Become a volunteer to meet new friends, share your passion for the automobile, help fulfill the mission of Revs Institute, and also have fun.

January 2022

  • The January 2022 Tappet Clatter explores what the experts are saying about autonomous automobiles. Are they coming tomorrow? Or is it more difficult than we realize? One of our new Volunteers, shares her first in-person experience attending a Formula One race in Austin, Texas. It is a fun read whether you have attended a major race or not. Also, a look at the early history of electric automobiles in an era when they were dominant and a few reasons why they may have faded from the automotive landscape…for a while. Finally, Tappet Tech explores why some multi-cylinder engines are inline, and some are configured in Vee shapes.

December 2021

  • A  message from our Chairman Chip Halverson. Also featured is a report on the terrific November Volunteers’ meeting with Lodge McKee, Scott George, Mace Wolf and Miles Collier as speakers. There are several links to videos featuring familiar cars and events mentioned at the meeting. Morris Cooper has done a little reading about electric cars being marketed to women as the reason for their demise. It is an interesting take on a changing period in the early automobile market. Also, a look at the maintenance requirements of a typical automobile from 1914. Finally, Tappet Tech explores multi-cylinder engines.

November 2021

  • Welcome Back from Our Curator, Membership Committee, Volunteers’ Meeting with GM’s Sports Car Racing Manager, Laura Klauser, From Fiat to SIMVA to Chrysler to Peugeot to Lee Iaccoca and Chrysler Again (part deux), the Metalworkers Art, What is the Dewar Trophy, Horsepower and Torque, Welcoming Our Newest Members.

October 2021

  • GM’s Sports Car Racing Manager to Speak at Volunteers’ Zoom Meeting, New Face at Revs Institute, Historic Races Honor Bill Wuesthoff, From Fiat to SIMVA to Chrysler to Peugeot to Lee Iaccoca and Chrysler Again, Cars as Canvases Exhibit, Fuel Injection.

May 2021

  • Volunteers’ Appreciation Lunch, Sales Brochure Digitization, Jaguar XK100 Display Engine, Steering Basics.

April 2021

  • Millennial Interest in Cars and Collecting, Roads Scholars Event at Road Atlanta, the Allure of French Cars, Origins of the Electric Starter

March 2021

  • Cars on 5th, Opening Day, Targa 66, Lancia D50, Dennis McCluggage.

February 2021

  • Volunteer Gimmick Road Rally, Cars and Coffee at Mercato, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, Henry Ford and Barbeque, Fiat D Multipla.

January 2021

  • Festive Fuel Up, Emeritus Awards, 1938 Race to the Death on the Autobahn

December 2020

  • Cruise to Gypsy Isles, Rookery Bay Car Show, Naples Christmas on Fifth, Lancia Aurelia B20 Coupe

November 2020

  • Cruise-In, Cosworth DFX, Motorsports in 2020

October 2020

  • Cruise to Road and Gun Club, Targa Florio, Colonel Waldon and the Checkered Flag, Luxury Cars in the Depression Era