1958 Porsche

Type: Carrera GT Speedster

  • Serial No. 84461
  • Flat-four air-cooled engine, rear mounted, twin overhead camshafts, 1587 cc, 160+ hp at 8000 rpm.

A Carrera engine would not accept compromise. “Any preparation effort less than 100%,” said
Bruce Jennings, would mean “a pussycat instead of a tiger.” Jennings was a 100% man. This was his car,
nicknamed “Mahidabel”.

It is also the winningest Carrera GT Speedster of all time: three SCCA National Championships
(1958 with “Pup” Pupilidy, 1960 and 1963 with Bruce) and a total of 67 National SCCA race victories. Its
hallmark was outstanding speed: for some reason which Bruce could not explain, irrespective of any change
in engine or transmission, “Mahidabel” invariably turned a faster lap than any of his other cars.

In the mid-fifties, Porsche claimed the Carrera to be the world’s first 1.5-liter 200-kph production
car. Since this phenomenal performance attracted the usual celebrity types who had no desire for
competition, the factory divided the series into De Luxe GS (which offered the sybaritic luxury of a heater)
and Gran Turismo (the stripped and lightened GT for those who wanted a race car). GTs were further
divided into a lightweight coupe and the even lighter Speedster. Axle ratios, compression ratios and such
depended upon what one ordered.

Previous owner Pupilidy’s success with this car, Bruce insisted, was because Pup was the first driver
to take advantage of the 6:31 ring and pinion. Himself a devotee of gear ratios, Jennings honed transmission
set-up to a fine art.

This Carrera Speedster was Jennings’ medium-speed course car. He had two more GT’s, one each
for short and long courses. Jennings found it was easier to switch whole cars than continually change all
components on the car attendant to being competitive at different circuits.

Modifications to this Carrera Speedster include Spyder gears, a full-race 1600cc RS-60 engine,
external oil cooler, Spyder steering wheel, special shocks, heavy sway bar, front annular disc brakes and
RSK turbo-finned rear drums. “Mahidabel” was originally an all-steel panel car, but Bruce added lightness
by substituting an aluminum hood and deck.


Photos – Peter Harholdt


1958 Porsche
Carrera GT Speedster
Serial No
Flat-four air-cooled engine, rear mounted, twin overhead camshafts, 1587 cc, 160+ hp at 8000 rpm.
82 inches
1732 pounds

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