The Research Library

The Revs Institute research library was established to advance the scholarly study of the automobile.

Here, a scholar has access to hundreds of thousands of books, journals and documents that underscore the importance of the history of transportation, technology and business. The library and archives of The Revs Institute contain over one million discrete items including over 700,000 photographs, 24,000 books, over 200,000 magazines and journals, papers, other written documents, films, and ephemera.

The idea is to add intellectual and academic stature to the study of the automobile, and recognizing that we had an asset here in the form of a special library collection that really was one of the preeminent research engines in the world for the history of the car, we ought to make that available to serious researchers, academicians and other kinds of students of the automobile. That’s what The Revs Institute is all about; making this special collections library available to people.” Miles Collier