The Revs Digital Library

The Revs Digital Library

The heart of the Library is its photographic collections, available in the Revs Digital Library. Through the years, the Library has acquired materials of some the world’s most significant automotive photographers. The images document the dawn of the motoring age, the golden age of racing, and on into the 21st century. The types of images vary widely, from glass plate and nitrate negatives, slides and transparencies of all sizes, and now born-digital pictures. The collections contain about 1 million negatives and slides, and about the same number of prints. Beginning in 2012, the Library began digitizing its collections, and now, with over 500,000 photographic images available, the Revs Digital Library is one of the largest online archives in the world.

Planned 2018 Updates

All information subject to change

   Month                           Description                 Status
February  Completed
  • 5,971 images added
  • New e-commerce system added
  • Search results expand from 10 per page to 100 per page
  • 6,202 images added
  • Click to open larger image in new tab added
  • Date slider added
  • Recent additions added
  • 6,309 images added
  • Flagging recommences
  • 6,960 images added
  • Responsive facets added
  • Social media links added
  • Zooming added
  • 6,641 images added
  • Bi-directional synonym searching begins
  • 5,811 images added
  • 11,000 remaining flags from old system added
  • Linkage between the Revs Digital Library and Revscat begins
  • 6,290 images added
  • Back button to search results added
  • All facets fully responsive
  • Previous and next buttons for search results added
  • 6,181 images added
  • 6,000 images added
  • 6,000 images added

The Revs Institute Library is a repository for scholars, preservationists, and passionate connoisseurs of automotive history, and it reflects the legacy of the transformative impact the automobile had on 20th century society. To ensure that legacy continues, the Library is the world’s leading repository of historical automotive artifacts, books, journals, and photographs. The mission of the Library is to advance the scholarly study of the automobile by providing research collections and services that support them. The Library cultivates, maintains, and makes accessible diverse and unique collections that are essential to the study of the history of the automobile. The Library is the definitive leader in automotive libraries and the premier destination (physical or virtual) for automotive research.

Contact: Please feel free to email us at You can also reach our library staff by phone Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time at 239-687-7387.