Group Tours

Group tours are most welcome at Revs Institute! We know you’ll have a great visit.

  • Group tours have a 20-person minimum requirement and a 80 person maximum.
  • Groups less than 20 should schedule our regular docent tours.
  • Group tours, led by docents, are available on Fridays in the morning or afternoon and last approximately 2 hours.
  • Your group will be split into smaller tours of 8-10 persons so the docents can make it a personable experience for all.
  • Cost is $25 per person.
  • Access to the museum before or after the tour is not available.
  • A final headcount is required 10 days prior to the tour for scheduling docents.
  • One payment must be made in full for the entire group upon arrival for the tour. Cash, check, or credit card is accepted.
  • Call (239) 687-7387 for questions and to book your tour.

Corporate Events

We hope to have your corporate event at Revs Institute.

  • Events must be after 5 pm, Monday-Friday.
  • Sorry, Saturday and Sunday dates are not possible.
  • Revs does not host fundraisers.
  • Catered food, beer, and cocktails are permitted.
  • Access to the galleries is available at no extra charge.
  • Call (239) 687-7387 for more information and to book your corporate event.