Tappet Clatter: April 2021

Read the April 2021 edition of the Tappet Clatter, the official newsletter of the Revs Institute Volunteers. Features this month include reports on the volunteers’ annual meeting with guest Larry Webster, Vice President of Content at Hagerty, speaking on whether millennials are interested in cars and collecting. Meet the new Board of Directors and our newest volunteers. Learn about the Roads Scholars event at Road Atlanta, where a group of collection cars, including the Porsche 917K, took to the track. Test your automotive knowledge with Tappet Trivia. Morris Cooper explains the allure of French cars and the Gallic character of early cars from France. In the featured article, Eric Jensen reviews the origins of the electric starter and the role of Charles Kettering and others in its development.

Volunteers are an important part of Revs Institute’s mission. Volunteers help our visitors interpret the automobile as a technological device, as an agent for social and economic change, and as an art object. Learn more about volunteering at Revs Institute.