Tappet Clatter: May 2021

Read the May 2021 edition of the Tappet Clatter, the official newsletter of the Revs Institute Volunteers. This month’s Tappet Clatter opens with a few words from our incoming Revs Volunteers’ Chairman, Chip Halverson. Features in the May edition include the Volunteers’ Appreciation lunch and an update from our new Membership Committee co-chair, Tom Dussault on initiatives to enlist new volunteers.  Sales brochures of 100 years ago are much different than today. Learn about the Revs Institute Library’s initiative to preserve a treasure trove of early sales literature, digitally preserved, for current and future researchers worldwide in Frank Brown’s latest article. Explore the origins of Jaguar’s most iconic and enduring engine, the six-cylinder XK, in Brian Lanoway’s history of the four-cylinder XK100 display engine. This is the engine design that shouldered the bulk of the development work for the entire line of engines, only to be cast aside as the market eagerly embraced the six-cylinder engine in the Jaguar XK120. This month’s Tappet Tech explores steering from the basic tiller to modern rack and pinion; Or is it modern?

Volunteers are an important part of Revs Institute’s mission. Volunteers help our visitors interpret the automobile as a technological device, as an agent for social and economic change, and as an art object. Learn more about volunteering at Revs Institute.