Rev up your gift giving this Father's Day

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Race-Ready Safety: Designer Fire Extinguishers: $129

Discover ideally designed car-themed fire extinguishers—sleek, fully operational, and perfect for any garage, office, kitchen or car condo. Ready at a moment's notice and offered in three styles, they seamlessly blend utility with aesthetics, elevating your space. This essential item is no longer mundane: now it makes for a captivating conversation starter, a thoughtful housewarming gift, and a chic statement in any home.

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Porsche Carrera Racing Engine Model Kit 1:3: $259

Experience the legend of the Carrera engine! To this day, the Type 547 Porsche Carrera engine is considered to be a technical masterpiece. It powered early racing Porsches to the podium, including the 550-01 on display at the museum.

With this 300-piece kit, you can build a working model of the Type 547 and watch the movement of the iconic four cylinder, horizontally opposed engine through specially designed transparent parts. Even the firing order is just like the real thing!

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Revs Institute GT40 T-shirt: $25

Sport the newest Revs Institute T-shirt, featuring the sleek design of the legendary Ford GT40.

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Give Dad an Automotive Experience He Will Never Forget

From enrolling in Automotive Classes at RevsEd, taking a docent-led Le Mans Tour, or watching a car come to life in the Active Matter lab, a visit to Revs Institute is the perfect Father's Day gift.

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Trendy Automotive-Themed Men's Socks: $11+

Knock the socks off any car lover with the wide variety of our automobile-themed socks from Heel Tread. Show your love of Ferraris, Jaguar, Lotus, Porsches, and racing with every step you take. Revs Institute offers a unique 4-pack celebrating the Porsche 917 and the Ford GT40. Each pair fits any men’s size large (US 8-12).

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Movable Race Car Gear Shift Desk Clock: $45

Dad will love our collectible clock in the shape of a sporty 5-speed gearbox! The knob can be shifted through the gears and left in any gear you desire. Includes a quality quartz movement timepiece, perfect on any desk at home or the office.

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Revs Engraved Glass Sets: $16+

Gear up for fine wine and libations. Our barware is the perfect way to combine your love for automobiles with your preferred drink. Toast to the history of your favorite cars and the memories of a lifetime of driving with family and friends.

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Gear Shift Bottle Stoppers: $40

Gear up for fine wine! Our gear shift bottle stopper, which seals wine bottles with an airtight rubber base designed to prevent oxidation, makes a classic gift or décor piece.

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