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March 10, 2014 Museum

The Revs Institute will soon be opening its doors to the public, giving automotive enthusiasts access to one of the most stunning collections of automotive history in the world. The museum will be open three days a week and requires advanced reservations, learn more here.

The focus of the Revs collection is to preserve automobiles defined by their social, technical, and aesthetic significance. Visitors from around the world come to The Institute to witness such rare specimens of automotive history as the 1902 Mors Model Z racer equipped with rear wheel nail-pullers, a necessity from the days when horse pulled carriages still outnumbered automobiles.

Revs’ 1939 Mercedes-Benz W154, also one of the famed Silver Arrows, is considered by most connoisseurs the holy grail of the collection. It graced the race track just once, the day England and France declared war on Germany.

Revs is continually expanding its enduring collection of automobiles, related artifacts and memorabilia. No two visits are ever the same. Guests are encouraged to enter with curious anticipation and to drive away inspired by the marvel of these astounding technological achievements that helped shape the modern world.

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  1. Jim Dolan

    Attended a previous Revs Symposium. A wonderful experience of education, insight, preservation, people, and automobiles. Glad to see the Collier Collection will again be open, it is a treasure here in Naples.

    • Jim Dolan

      I visited the Revs Institute collection this past Saturday. Absolutely stunning. The automobiles are the finest, the setting treats them perfectly as both art and engineering history, and the ability to be able to walk around most of the cars without ropes is unprecedented. Intimate and exquisite, hosted by informed, friendly staff everywhere. Bravo.

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