"The Smiling Shark" | 1953 Cunningham C-5R

Welcome to the first episode of Active Matter, our new YouTube series! This in-depth series will give viewers unprecedented access to the behind-the-scenes work at our museum, workshop, and library. With over 120 historically significant vehicles to keep in working order, we want to share how our diverse team draws on many different disciplines to preserve the automobile and automotive culture for future generations.

This first episode focuses on the 1953 Cunningham C-5R, which placed third overall at Le Mans seventy years ago. Known as the ‘Smiling Shark,’ this thoroughly American racecar is truly one of one. Interviews with Miles C. Collier ("The Archaeological Automobile") and Matt Farah (Road & Track, @TheSmokingTire) offer insights into the car's history and handling. Introduced too is the term “active matter” and how it shapes our mission. Future episodes will feature a car on display at the museum, its story, and the people responsible for its preservation. The series will offer a front-row seat for the challenges that face our team, involving viewers in the experience of keeping these 'active artifacts' alive.